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Esquimalt youth sock the competition with a snowball fight - and donations

The 14th JDF Scouting Group collected socks for those in need, having fun while they helped

Local Beaver Scouts are delivering warm and fuzzy items for the holidays with a donation of socks with a side of fun to Impact Hope, an organization that works to reduce poverty.

The 14th JDF Scouting Group reached out to people in the Greater Victoria area asking for donations of socks, said Beaver Scout leader Sandra Meyer.

After acquiring enough, the group set out to have a good time, “socking” the competition in a snowball fight, using the rolled-up socks as ammunition.

“We put it out to parents and others in the community that we were collecting socks for two things: an indoor snowball fight with rolled up socks and to then take the donated socks to a homeless shelter,” said Meyer.

“There is a man in our community who is part of an organization called ‘Impact Hope’ who runs an outreach ministry on the streets of Victoria. I have since contacted him and he is going to be taking the socks to where they are most needed. I am hoping he can come to our meeting this Wednesday so he can thank the youth in our group and explain to them what an impact such a small gesture can make.”

Impact Hope has programs all over the world and the Outreach Ministry in Victoria works to provide homeless in Victoria with personal supplies and emergency supplies. The Outreach Ministry also helps with job skills training mentorship programs.

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