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UVic Vikes raise $29,000 to fight cancer, smashing last year’s fundraiser record

Personal experiences inspire contributions to annual Shoot for the Cure
The UVic Vikes raised $29,000 with this year’s Shoot for the Cure. (Courtesy of UVic)

The University of Victoria’s women’s basketball team has raised $29,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society, dunking on last year’s record-breaking fundraiser of $15,100 towards the same cause.

A $3,500-portion of the donation came from pledges towards 100 individual free throws by team members between Feb. 1 and 11. A sharpshooting competition by UVic president Kevin Hall, Vikes head coach Carrie Watts, and senior director of athletics and recreation Clint Hamilton, pushed the Vikes free throw fundraising tally to $10,500. Various in-game promotions, including “Stats for the Cure,” sponsored by Heart Pharmacy, helped rack up an additional $15,200. The funds all went to Shoot for the Cure, the university’s fundraising initiative in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

“I’ve been an up-close witness of the battle with cancer, specifically breast cancer when my mom was diagnosed three and a half years ago,” said Meike Boerstra, a first-year forward from Calgary. “I watched her fight incredibly hard, and, with the help of the funding, research, and technology that we have now, she is now recovering and living a healthy life again.” Boerstra’s pledges alone brought in $866; the most money raised by a single athlete.

“These fundraisers have always had a place close to my heart because I know how much of a difference it makes. Having the opportunity to play a big role really made me want to step up. I reached out to my family and friends who know what my family has been through, and I was very fortunate with their generous donations, which added up this great amount. I’m excited for the years to come with this fundraiser and to raise even more next year,” she said.

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