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Water conservation tapped at Sooke Garden Club

Lynn Moss guest speaker
The Sooke Garden Club examines water conservation at its next meeting on Sept. 27. (

Cory McInnis | Contributed

Water, as we consume it in Canada, is a basic need.

Going through an extensive filtration process, water flows cleanly from our taps. Count how often you turn on your faucet to flush the toilet on any day. An automatic action we don’t give a second thought to. We are seeing more towns and cities nationwide putting seasonal water restrictions as a reminder to be conscientious of our water consumption.

During the September meeting of the Sooke Garden Club, guest speaker Lynn Moss will discuss her passion for water conservation.

According to Moss, water is in the news worldwide more than ever, mainly rainwater. Farmers in England are losing their crops due to nonstop rain and cool weather, yet fires rage in much of Europe.

We had a most welcome rain at the end of July after a long dry spell.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) published a report in 2016 on climate change in our area, which predicted a trend of less rain in our area. It is all bunched into a few winter months, with spring, summer and early fall dry. So far, the report has been accurate, and gardeners and farmers are struggling. Can we adjust to what seems to be the new normal?

We need to understand where our water comes from, how it goes where it goes and how it is stored in nature. How can we conserve water for when we need it now and for future generations, and some ways to keep it? What methods did the Indigenous people use and still use that the settlers could learn and use? What plants are best for our changing climate, the best ways to water with less water and garden design will all be mentioned.

Moss lacks a post-secondary degree in water science; however, at the onset of the COVID pandemic, she embarked on a journey of self-education. She invited a circle of friends to join her in exploring the intricacies of water-related subjects, with a particular focus on making this information more accessible to those not well-versed in scientific matters.

She is an active member of the 606 Water Group, an organization that has secured grants from the District of Sooke to advance the cause of water conservation and promote the importance of maintaining healthy watersheds. Through their initiatives, Moss and her group are working diligently to educate the public about these critical issues.

Join the Sooke Garden Club meeting on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Visit or their Facebook page for more info. Contact for any questions.


Cory McInnis writes for the Sooke Garden Club.

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