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Young missionaries help Sooke residents with chores

Mormon church reaching out to community

A couple of friends are on a mission to assist those in need of some heavy lifting.

Samuel Whipple, 20, and his friend and fellow missionary, Hunter Cook, are in Sooke as part of their two-year commitment to missionary work with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We’re a couple of young guys ready to help out people who might have difficulty with tasks like chopping wood, clearing large rocks from their property, or yard or garden work,” said Whipple, a native of Utah and elder/teacher with the church who is assigned to the Sooke congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints..

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While Whipple agreed that travelling to a different country to work in a new community may seem challenging to most people, that hasn’t been the case for him and Cook.

“It’s been more rewarding than anything else,” he said. “Our main focus is to help others and invite anyone and everyone to get closer to Christ.”

Whipple and Cook have completed more than a dozen requests for assistance so far in the five weeks they have been in Sooke.

“We’re definitely keeping busy, but busy is always good,” he said. “I love it here in Sooke. It’s so beautiful and it’s a great time of the year to be here. Some people are a little hesitant at first when they see the missionary tag, but everyone has been friendly and helpful.”

When asked about his plans after he’s completed his missionary work, Whipple said he gets asked about his future frequently.

“We’ll see where the next two years takes me,” he added.

If you would like to ask about getting two sets of strong young hands to help out with some tough tasks, call 1-606-505-6464, or email