Electronic pop band Spectregates (Solomon Krause-Imlach

Electronic pop band Spectregates (Solomon Krause-Imlach

Port Renfrew music festival to warm up hearts and ears

More than two dozen artists, both from local waters and abroad are expected to perform this weekend.

Song and Surf music festival returns this weekend to Port Renfrew with a whole flock of talented musicians ready to warm your heart this winter.

Running into its 10th year at the intimate Big Fish Lodge, the festival runs from Friday (Feb. 10) to Monday (Feb. 13.) and features more than two dozen artists, both from local waters and abroad.

Among those kicking off the event is Vancouver-based indie rock band JPNSGIRLS (Charlie Kerr, Chris McClelland, Graham Serl and Colton Lauro) with fresh tunes that will rock you awake and get your head bopping. The band will perform some of their usual stuff such as Vancouver Grizzly and Brandon, including Bully for You from their more recent album, Divorce.

Returning to Song and Surf this year is Burnaby native and vocalist/guitarist Luca Fogale, with tunes from his latest album, Safety. Like previous performances, Fogale’s approach are soft vocals accompanied by guitar, or, in this case, only a soothing piano in his piece, Heat and Dark.

Ready to take you into a deep, dark world of electric pop is Spectregates (Maryse Bernard, lead vocals, Julia Kimberley, keys and vocals, and Solomon Krause-Imlach, percussion). Pieces include the vocally-driven and moody Fevered, as well as Dizzy Spells and Psychic Love from their first album, Correspondence.

Going with a more homely approach is WiL (William Mimnaugh) who writes, records and performs music within the Americana music tradition, which combines country, roots-rock, folk, R&B and blues into one distinctive mix. Expect to hear some of his rich, melodic pieces, including El Paseo, Roam and Ride.

There will be many more bands and artists featured throughout the three-day event, including Neon Steve, Astrocolor, Desi Sub Culture, , Flipout, Bridal Party, Art D’ecco, Wise Child and Kermode.

For more info, go to songandsurf.com.