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Edmonton zoo makes animal rights group's 'worst' list for elephants

Edmonton zoo makes 'worst' list for elephants

Edmonton's Valley Zoo is in fourth spot on an animal right's group's 2016 list of the Ten Worst Zoos For Elephants in North America.

It's the seventh consecutive year the zoo has been featured on the list issued annually by California-based In Defense of Animals.

The zoo remains under fire after a protracted battle by activists including former American game show host Bob Barker to get it to move its 41-year old Asian elephant Lucy to a sanctuary in the U.S.

The animal rights group says the zoo continues to keep its only elephant in a barren, cramped and cold prison.

It is again urging it to move Lucy to a sanctuary where she can live in a better climate with other elephants for company.

Zoo officials have said in the past that Lucy would likely die if she was moved because of health issues.


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