14 housing units earmarked for Whiffin Spit area

The lots are proposed as part of a rezoning application for 1781 Minnie and 7057 West Coast roads in Sooke

  • Jan. 28, 2017 7:00 p.m.

A residential development ranging from 11 to 14 lots could soon become a reality in a Whiffin Spit neighborhood.

The lots, which vary between 700 and 1,400 square meters, are proposed as part of a rezoning application for 1781 Minnie and 7057 West Coast roads.

Some details are unresolved, such as the sewer system the developer is responsible to design and build as part of its agreement with the municipality.

“For us to do that, we’ll keep the lots a lot larger because of the expense we’d incur to put that in from Minnie Road all the way down Whiffin Spit and hook it into the Sooke Road system,” said Herb Haldane, who spoke to council for the applicant.

Besides its design challenges, the B.C. Transportation Ministry won’t allow access along West Coast Road, so the applicant will have to redesign the lots in a way that allows the group access, similar to that of a strata.

Development of the property has been discussed for at least three years, as questions regarding the integrity of the riparian areas, water drainage and access have troubled residents from surrounding neighborhoods.

“The proposed bylaw opens the door for a density development that’s out of proportion to that of the nearby neighboring properties,” said Steve Powell, a Sooke resident.

The property also has a covenant in place requiring a 1.5-metre flood construction level and a 15-metre setback from the natural boundary of Wright Road Creek.

Wright Road Creek divides the property west to east, and there’s a drainage ditch that discharges to a midpoint of Wright Road Creek from a culvert on West Coast Road.

Still, some concerns remain whether the proposed culvert will be big enough to handle the water and how the riparian areas will be affected.

“I’m very concerned about the riparian area and the 15 meter of the flood area,” said Laura Gorse, an area resident.

“The people on Marathon Lane and on Minnie Road, we are going to have flooding problems.”

The rezoning application goes before council for further consideration Feb. 14.