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B.C. sets 8 more single-day temperature records as heat wave nears its end

Lytton was once again the hottest spot in B.C., reaching 42.2 C
Children play in a sprinkler to cool off in Maple Ridge. (Oliver Rathonyi-Reusz/Special to The News)

After multiple days of setting new single-day temperature records, B.C.’s heatwave still has more historic highs to give.

On Wednesday (July 27) 10 new records, then 14 more single-day records were set on Thursday. On Friday, eight single-day records were set.

Lytton was once again the hottest spot in B.C., reaching 42.2 C and breaking the old record of 41.4 C set in 2018. Lytton has consistently been among the hottest regions in the province, setting new single-day temperature records for three days straight. The new records still pale in comparison to the all-time high of 49 C recorded in Lytton during last year’s heat dome — the highest ever recorded in Canada.

The record-setting heat comes as crews continue to battle the Nohomin Creek wildfire burning just 1.7 kilometres northwest of Lytton. High temperatures have caused the fire to grow to nearly 3,000 hectares.

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Most of the province remains under a heat warning from Environment Canada. Several parts of eastern B.C. experienced thunderstorms last night. The combination of heat and lightning has led to 43 new fire starts in the last two days.

Temperatures are expected to begin cooling off on Sunday.

B.C. single-day heat records set on Friday

• Cache Creek– 41.2 C (previously 39.2 C set in 2018)

• Clinton – 34.57 C (previously 33.3 C set in 2018)

• Kamloops – 37.9 C (previously 37.6 C set in 1998)

• Lillooet – 40.1 C (previously 39.8 C set in 2018)

• Lytton – 42.2 C (previously 41.4 C set in 2018)

• Merritt – 37.2 C (previously 37 C set in 2003)

• Nelson– 38.6 C (previously 38.5 C set in 2003)

• Trail – 40 C (previously 39.3 C set in 2014)

For folks looking to cool off from the record-setting heat, B.C.’s Sheringham Point recorded a chilly 11 C, the coldest in the province.

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