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CRD program looks to guide residents through home energy upgrades

Energy concierge to help homeowners access available rebates, guide retrofit process
Emissions that residents can save by switching to a heat pump for their home heating. (Courtesy of the CRD)

Residents looking to make their homes run on lower-carbon systems can now get some extra help to guide them through the changes.

The Capital Regional District has launched its free Home Energy Navigator Program to help streamline upgrades to the region’s single-family homes.

The program looks to help residents undertake low-carbon home retrofits and take advantage of rebates offered by governments and utility providers.

Homeowners have many home energy programs available to them. For example, those in Victoria wanting to install a heat pump can receive up to about $12,000 through various federal, provincial and regional government rebates, BC Hydro top-ups and more.

The CRD’s program will connect homeowners to an “energy concierge” who will help residents understand all the rebates available to them and aid them through other decisions in their energy retrofit journey. After participants fill out a form with details about their home, goals and the upgrades they’re pursuing, they’ll be contacted by the concierge to have a one-on-one conversation about their home.

Based on this, the homeowner will then get a report summarizing how to take the next steps with their energy improvements. The concierge will also be available throughout the entire renovation process.

“Whether you need help identifying energy-saving opportunities, comparing insulation or heat pump quotes, or applying for rebates and grants, this program is here to help,” Nikki Elliott, manager of Climate Action Programs for the CRD, said in a release. “This program has been designed to give residents the knowledge and confidence to improve the efficiency of their homes.”

The program will look to help residents do home energy evaluations, find contractors and quotes, apply for rebates and more.

Buildings are one of the few sources seeing an increase in greenhouse gas emissions locally, so stemming those is a central part of the region’s plan to combat climate change. Emissions from energy used in buildings increased by about eight per cent between 2018 and 2020, the most recent figures show.

The CRD said buildings overall are responsible for about a third of the region’s GHG productions.

The Home Energy Navigator Program is available at or by calling 1-866-381-9995.

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