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Department of National Defence reminds residents to stay off Metchosin site

Site unsafe to enter at any time due to old explosives, current training exercises
Some of the DND land in the Mary Hill area of Metchosin as seen from Pedder Bay. (File photo courtesy of Troy Dierk)

The Department of National Defence is reminding residents that unauthorized entrance into the Mary Hill training area is prohibited.

Adjacent to William Head Institution and near Pedder Bay in Metchosin, the site has been used for military training since the 1940s and old explosives that remain on site present a serious safety hazard, DND noted in a statement. “The area is currently used for a variety of purposes including small arms training and night firing familiarization. These activities may occur day and night, on all days of the year, including weekends and holidays.”

DND noted there is no safe time to access the site and trespassing in the area is against the law.

In the event that stray ammunition or explosive objects are encountered, DND noted they should not be touched or disturbed in any way. The department asked residents to contact local police, who will work with CFB Esquimalt to make arrangements for disposal.

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