Langford-Juan de Fuca election results

Langford-Juan de Fuca election results

Live updates throughout the May 9 BC election

• Langford-Juan de Fuca update with 24 of 79 polls reporting: NDP 2639, Liberal 1,268, Green Party 1,055, Libertarian 68, Vancouver Island Party 60.

• John Horgan has has been forcasted as the winner in Langford-Juan de Fuca with 53.59% of the popular vote. He’s currently followed by Liberal Cathy Noel, the Green’s Brendan Ralfs. The two fring candidates: Willie Nelson and Scott Burton, with less than 2% of the vote.

• First results for Langford-Juan de Fuca show John Horgan with 61.35% of the popular vote (319 votes) followed by the Green Part’s Brendan Ralfs capturing 19.04% (99 votes)

• The Green Party headquarters has gone from completely empty to half full From completely empty to about half full in about 20 minutes headquarters in Victoria.

Election Live • So far in earlt reporting the Liberals have 47% of the popular vote; NDp at 35% and 16% for Greens

• There are five candidates running in Langford-Juan de Fuca: John Horgan, NDP; Cathy Noel, Liberal; Brandon Ralfs, Green; Willie Nelson, Vancouver Island Party; Scott Burton, Libertarian.

• There were cheers of excitement at the NDP office on Fort Street as polls officially closed. Dozens of volunteers are eagerly anticipating the 41st general election results, and have been hanging blue and orange streamers, as well as similar-coloured balloons.

• Stage is being set at the NDP South Island Headquarters on Fort Street in Victoria. Many of Greater Victoria’s NDP candidates will be arriving later this evening.

• With four contenders the Langford-Juan de Fuca riding , the NDP’s John Horgan is the clear favourite going into tonight’s vote. He won the last election in 2013 by more than 5,000 votes

• The murmer of media preparing for election fury is the only sound at Green Party headquarters at 7:30 p.m. on election night. The ballroom at the Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel in downtown Victoria is full of expectant media and only a handful of Green Party staffers.