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Meet Your Candidates: Metchosin candidates talk priorities

Two face off for Metchosin mayoral chair
The District of Metchosin’s city hall. (Black Press Media file photo)

In the District of Metchosin, Kyara Kahakauwila and Marie-Terese Little are in the race to fill the chair that will be vacated by Mayor John Ranns, who opted not to run after serving eight terms as mayor. There are eight candidates in the running for four councillor seats. We asked each candidate to outline the most important thing council can do to improve the lives of residents. Here are their responses listed alphabetically.

Mayor candidates:

Kyara Kahakauwila

Having a council that respects each other’s differences and strengths and who can work well together for the collective good of our community regardless of diffing beliefs. Council sets policy and direction. Focusing on accountability, inclusion, collaboration and transparency, even the most contentious concerns can be managed to have a positive outcome for our community and residents.

Marie-Terese Little

As a local government, the most important thing a council can do to improve the lives of residents is to ensure good governance. A council must follow the BC Community Charter, the Local Government Act, and their Official Community Plan. This provides a framework that builds trust, encourages and enables public participation in the local decision-making process, with current choices and attention paid to the long-term vision and goals of the community. With openness, honesty, transparency, fairness, integrity, and accountability around the council table, an ethical council can be, and should be responsive to the citizens and their issues.

Councillor candidates:

Mark Atherton

Did not respond.

Tamara Ballard

The most important thing the council can do to improve the lives of residents is to continue striving to keep taxes affordable. While still maintaining our rural status. To continue looking at all unique situations brought forward with sensitivity, an open mind, and diligence. To encourage all community members to attend council and committee meetings, even by live streaming. To be informed firsthand.

Shelly Donaldson

Council can support a safe community by providing adequate funding for protective services through a variety of agencies.

Trained firefighters to combat fire incidents, participate in the First Responder Training Program which assists BC Ambulance for medical emergencies. The fire department provides education for residents through the Fire Smart Program, fire prevention workshops and first aid courses. West Shore RCMP monitor traffic safety and criminal activity; search and rescue have a place to train and store equipment to be ready for the next emergency call.

Other community-based services include public works managing safe roads, snow removal, flooding, brush clearing and general road maintenance.

Sharie Epp

I believe the most important thing council can do is listen to what residents have to say. In Metchosin, we’re elected to uphold the rural values of our community through the Official Community Plan, while ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens. As council, we need to get out in the community, talk to neighbours, attend events, and have respectful, productive discussions during meetings in the council chambers. We have to always be cognizant of what matters most to Metchosinites, and work with them through communication and collaboration to achieve our common goals.

Steve Gray

The District of Metchosin should work with the provincial government to establish a community health centre with salaried physicians and allied health professionals with the goal of assuring residents of Metchosin 24/7 access to a family doctor and quality primary care. Current estimates suggest more than 4,000 residents of the West Shore do not have access to a family doctor. Local governments have an important role to advocate on behalf of their residents for basic access to medical care when none is available. Metchosin can do better and champion the establishment of a community health centre to serve its population.

Jay Shukin

Protecting and strengthening rural Metchosin must be the priority for our district council. There are many interconnected pieces to this task. We must enforce our bylaws particularly where there are impacts to the environment and neighbours. Fiscal responsibility is vital. That means watching our taxes, but also having strong and transparent processes, now and for the future. We need a made-in-Metchosin climate action plan. No such plan currently exists in Metchosin and that needs to change. It’s so often the small communities that are hit hardest by climate change forces. Learn more at

Eric White

By identifying what the community needs, wants, and can afford. And, effectively executing the step needed to achieve the desired result of being a better place to live for its residents.

Leslie Zinger

Did not respond.

Advance voting starts on Oct. 5 with general election day on Oct. 15. For more information on how or where to vote, check out your municipality’s website. You can find election night results, and more coverage in the lead-up, under the election tab at

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