Sooke RCMP Staff Sgt. Jeff McArthur (File photo)

Sooke RCMP Staff Sgt. Jeff McArthur (File photo)

Mounties rescue dog on Sooke Road

Dog has been returned to owner and was uninjured

Sooke Mounties helped a group of people aid what was believed to be an injured dog walking along the highway Friday morning.

Around 11:30 a.m., Staff Sgt. Jeff McArthur noticed a cyclist and motorcyclist moving slowly along Sooke Road following a dog.

The dark brown dog appeared to be exhausted, panting and was walking like it was injured.

“It was an older dog that looked to be a lab crossed with a rottweiler, and was wearing a green collar,” said McArthur.

McArthur said they tracked the dog for around 200 yards before they caught it by Winnipeg Road.

“It was quite frightened, but once it was caught it was very friendly. We got the dog in the car and took it over to the Sooke Veterinary Hospital,” said McArthur.

McArthur left the dog with the vet and CRD Animal Control, to check for any injuries and to try and find out who the owner is.

Fortunately, the dog had a dog license and CRD Animal Control Services were able to track down the owner right away.

The dog was uninjured but is old and has a problem with its hip, which is why it was limping.