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Oak Bay cops hand out 2 excessive speed tickets in 2 days

Open alcohol, thefts, social calls round out weekly police calls of note
Oak Bay Police Department’s electric vehicle made a stop in at the Camosun College Charge Your Ride event. (File photo Ray Bernoties/Twitter)

Two drivers face hefty fines after officers watching speeds clocked them going more than 40 km/h beyond the posted speed limits.

On Aug. 13, an officer at Cedar Hill X Road noted a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed, Oak Bay police said in a release.

The driver was found to be going 41 km/h over the speed limit. The woman was issued a ticket for excessive speed with a fine of $368 and the vehicle was impounded for seven days.

The next day an officer clocked a teen driver at 43 km/h over the limit.

The 18-year-old driver was issued an excessive speed ticket that comes with a $368 fine and the vehicle he was driving was impounded for seven days.

In excessive speed stops, drivers going more than 40 km/h over the posted limit face a $368 ticket, three penalty points on their driving record and a mandatory seven-day impound. Drivers going more than 60 km/h faster than the speed limit face a fine of $483 and three penalty points.

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Bike, keys swiped in two incidents

Sadly no clues remain after an e-bike was reported stolen Aug. 10. The resident reported the black bike was stolen during the night from the 3000-block of Murdoch Crescent.

House and car keys are missing after a resident inadvertently left them on the roof of a car.

The theft was reported Aug. 12, after the items were left on the car in the man’s own driveway in the 1000-block of St. Patrick Street. The resident plans to re-code the car fob and re-key the home.

Alcohol restrictions

An open container landed a driver with a suspension and ticket after a police stop Aug. 12.

An officer noted an open can of alcohol during a road check that led to a breath demand from the 25-year-old driver. The sample resulted in a 12-hour driving suspension and a ticket for driving contrary to restrictions for alcohol.

Social interaction

The Oak Bay Police Department also attended numerous Block Watch/street parties over the week, but in a social capacity. The parties are a great opportunity for members of the community to get to know their officers.

The department also showed off its electric vehicle during the Camosun College Charge Your Ride event.

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