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PHOTOS: Anti-mandate convoy travels Island Highway to Campbell River

Scores of vehicles drove up the coast from Victoria to protest in a Campbell River parking lot

A convoy of vehicles made its way up the east coast of Vancouver Island on Saturday, March 26 with Campbell River as its final destination.

The city asked organizers to use a gravel parking lot just north of the ferry terminal for a gathering spot.

A crowd of between 60 and 70 were there just before 12:30 p.m. when the convoy was supposed to arrive.

It had rained in the morning, and was still quite chilly.

Ralliers of all ages held flags of all types: Canadian, British Columbian, American, Thin Blue Line, and Don’t Tread on Me.

An occasional chant of, “Freedom,” was uttered through a megaphone every few minutes, which elicited yells of, “Freedom,” back.

The odd car honked their horn at the sign holders on the side of the street. A passenger in one SUV leaned out of the window and give the ralliers the finger.

A loud speaker played Neil Young’s Rocking in the Free World. It was unclear whether it was being played ironically or not.

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The convoy was more than an hour late arriving to its destination, so people in the crowd mingled, eager to share their stories with those gathered.

One lady insisted the COVID-19 vaccine turned her sister in Ontario magnetic, a man said there is a concentration camp being built in Surrey, while another man said the government is putting HIV in the vaccine.

Bill Gates, and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were the target of much vitriol.

When the convoy finally arrived the crowd went into a frenzy.

A young boy in a Christmas elf costume yelled, “Freedom,” into a megaphone again and again. Other megaphone users chimed in with their own freedom chants.

Trucks, SUVs and sedans rolled by to a raucous welcome.

A counter-protester in a black car tried to block the turning lane to the parking lot, but it was in vain. Vehicles were guided around her sedan.

Ralliers surrounded her trying to get her to leave, but it took the intervention of an RCMP officer to finally get her to move.

The gathering lasted for another couple of hours before finally dispersing.

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