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Quick build solutions for road safety coming to Saanich

Protected cycling lanes, high visibility road markings, bike boxes part of solution framework
Short-term solutions to advance road safety in Saanich will be implemented over the next few months. (Black Press Media file photo)

Short-term solutions to advance road safety in Saanich were brought to the table and unanimously approved at the March 14 council meeting.

The active transportation advisory committee met in early March to discuss short-term solutions that would sooner improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians through “quick build” recommendations.

Some of these improvements include installing protected cycling lanes using low-cost techniques – a corresponding education campaign would take place at the time of implementation to inform the public of the change.

High visibility road markings will be installed in school areas along with improved school zone signage.

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The installation of eight bike boxes at signalized intersections is part of the proposal – bike boxes at intersections allow turning cyclists the space to position themselves at intersections when completing left-hand turns.

The plan seeks to remove pedestrian push buttons at three major intersections to provide pedestrian priority at all times of the day and the prioritization of speed limit changes in rural Saanich to improve the safety of vulnerable road users on streets with limited active transportation infrastructure.

Director of engineering Harley Machielse said that these changes are not the ultimate build, rather, they are part of a phased approach.

“The perfect design will come based on observations from the short-term improvements,” he said during the meeting.

A report will come back to council from staff as plans are deliberated and carried out further.

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