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Saanich police stop drivers for safety infractions, unsecured cargo

Prohibited exhaust addition, missing muffler lead to noise violations
Saanich police stopped several drivers on the afternoon of Feb. 5 for vehicle safety infractions involving unsecured cargo and prohibited lighting and exhaust accessories. (Saanich Police Traffic Safety Unit/Twitter)

Several different drivers were stopped by Saanich police on Friday afternoon for various vehicle safety issues leading to some hefty fines and orders to go for an inspection to get in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act.

On Feb. 5, the Saanich Police Department’s traffic safety unit came across several vehicles with safety issues and defects.

The first driver was traveling in what police said was an “overloaded pickup” with tools and other equipment sitting unsecured in the truck bed.

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In the event of a collision, these loose items could become projectiles which may cause injury, traffic safety officers said in a social media post about the incident.

The driver received a $288 ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for operating a business/commercial vehicle with unsecured cargo.

Another driver’s car was found to be equipped with a prohibited exhaust accessory which made the vehicle much louder than normal. Police said the car registered at more than 104 decibels at 3000 rpm and, according to HealthLinkBC, sounds over 85 decibels are harmful.

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Police also stopped a driver whose vehicle had no muffler at all – another infraction under the Motor Vehicle Act which doesn’t permit drivers to operate a vehicle that has had its muffler cut out or disconnected from the engine.

The driver with no muffler was also required to send their vehicle for inspection after police noticed that many of the lights weren’t compliant. According to the traffic safety officers, the driver’s side and rear lights were obstructed, the license plate lights were red, the front running lights were blue and the flashing lights were white.

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