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Sooke cooks up new regulations for food trucks

Bylaw amendment targets wastewater disposal
Food trucks in Sooke face new regulations. (Kevin Laird - Sooke News Mirror)

Food trucks in Sooke need to clean up their act.

The District of Sooke proposes amendments to the sewer and business licence bylaws that regulate how food trucks dispose of wastewater.

Under the bylaw amendments, vendors are prohibited from connecting to the municipal water system, and wastewater, including cooking grease, must be contained in food trucks and disposed of at a sanitation dump facility.

“We want to try to avoid grease at all costs going into the (sewer system),” said Jeff Carter, operations director. “We found in some instances large amounts of grease going into the system.”

Carter added the bylaw amendments aim to avoid “consequences” when contaminants enter the sewer system.

Vendors will need to keep a disposal log book that must be made available to district officials on request.

Food trucks are also no longer allowed to locate permanently on a site, must be self-contained and demonstrate the ability to relocate off-site within 24 hours.

“This proposed amendment is brought forward as a result of business practices observed in the community whereby structures and non-mobile infrastructure are being added to support mobile food vending operations,” staff said in a report to district council.

Any food truck vendor not complying with the new regulations will lose their business licence or face a fine.

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