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Sooke promises to fix potholes as cold, wet weather creates road issues

Biggest areas of concern reported on Otter Point and Charters roads
Pavement failure and rutting on Charters Road are due to cold and rainy weather. Temporary measures are in place and the sites will be monitored for any further maintenance until repairs can be completed later this year, say district officials. (Kevin Laird - Sooke News Mirror)

If you’ve driven on Sooke roads recently, you would be hard-pressed not to see a pothole.

The region has been hit with a real roller-coaster ride of weather this winter, and now the effects are playing out on the roads, where newly-created craters pose a dangerous risk to motorists and their vehicles.

Potholes form when water gets into cracks in the road and weakens the base of gravel and soil. The asphalt becomes more vulnerable as vehicles pass over it without that base. Recent freezing temperatures sped up the pothole-making process because ice expands, contracts and splits the cracks wider.

“While the number of calls we have received this year is down from the previous (year), the damage in some areas is more substantial than we typically see, due to recent weather events,” District of Sooke spokesperson Christina Moog said.

She added that the district had received six calls so far this year, down from 13 over the same period last year.

There are three areas of concern for public works: a large pothole on Otter Point Road and two areas of pavement failure and rutting on Charters Road. Temporary measures are in place, and the district will monitor the sites for any further maintenance requirements until repairs can be completed later this year.

“I appreciate how concerned residents are about Charters Road. The road has always had poor sightlines and is a challenge to walk or roll on. I frequent this road regularly and am also frequently avoiding it due to the rough state,” Mayor Maja Tait said.

Tait encourages residents to report road concerns to the district. Please telephone 250-642-1634 or go online at using the “report an issue” tool.

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