Sooke taps rookie trustee as school board chair

Sooke taps rookie trustee as school board chair

Trustee Ravi Parmar takes over from former chairperson Bob Philips

Rookie trustee Ravi Parmar is the new chairman of the Sooke School District.

He replaces trustee Bob Philips, who resigned from the position for personal reasons.

“Ravi has grown up in our school district and is well positioned to understand our school district and our youth,” said Philips.

“I’ve always believed that one of the primary tasks of an older generation is to train, prepare and help the younger generation take things over.”

Parmar, 22, was first elected as school trustee in November 2014.

“I feel truly honoured and I’m really looking forward to working with staff and the board in this new capacity,” Parmar said.

“Bob has done a tremendous job as chair over the last year and a half. I know it caught some folks off guard when he decided to step down, and I really appreciate this opportunity that the other trustees and Bob have given me.”

Parmar said he wants the district to keep moving forward by increasing graduation completion rates and ensuring children have a great school experience.

Parmar is a full-time political science student at the University of Victoria.

He is passionate about the Sooke School District because he graduated from Belmont five years ago after migrating to Canada with his family in the 1990s.

“I owe everything to public education and I absolutely love this district,” Parmar said.

“It’s given so much to me and my family, and not only is this an opportunity to get my hands dirty, but it’s also an opportunity to give back.”