Survey sheds light on homelessness in Sooke

Survey sheds light on homelessness in Sooke

Survey takes place March 15 at Sooke Food Bank, Crisis Centre and Legion

Those experiencing homelessness, living in a shelter or any form of temporary housing are encouraged to participate in a short survey happening in Sooke this month.

The 2018 Greater Victoria Point-In-Time count survey is taking place on Thursday for the purpose of finding out homelessness statistics in the area, in order to advocate for government funding and affordable housing.

“The government knows that there’s an issue with homelessness, but they need to have facts, statistics and numbers in order to move forward,” said Sherry Thompson, a volunteer for the survey.

This is the first time the survey has happened in Sooke, and Thompson hopes it will attract more awareness to the problem of homelessness and lack of affordable housing within the community.

“The survey will give the government a better understanding the extent and experiences of homelessness in the area, and will help identify solutions,” said Thompson.

She hopes that eventually Sooke would have a facility to support homeless people seven days a week.

“Sooke is a beautiful community, and it’s unfair that families, seniors or anyone who is homeless, should have to leave to a bigger centre for affordable housing when this is where they want to live,” said Thompson. “They have a right to choose, and we want to help make that happen.”

The survey is completely anonymous, and each person will receive $5 for filling it out.

People who wish to participate can go to either the Sooke Crisis Centre, 6596 Sooke Road, the Sooke Food Bank, 2037 Shields Road, or the Sooke Legion, 6726 Eustace Road, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.