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Daniel Ruttan

April 19, 2014

Daniel Thomas Ruttan nickname “Renegade,” age 54 years of Ochre River MB passed away on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at the Clearwater Ranch after a courageous battle with cancer.

Dan was born on October 23, 1959 in Victoria, British Columbia to parents Allan Thomas

Ruttan and Midge Jones Ruttan.

Dan resided in Ontario for the last 20 or so years before moving here to Manitoba. He had many friends and many stories to tell of 4x4n, going mudding, building trucks, camping, fishing, and hunting. He loved his music - a singer/songwriter he was hoping to meet, our cousin Deric Ruttan country music singer, at Countryfest this year. We did get to see and meet once again singer/songwriter Valdy. Dan really enjoyed that experience. Valdy was an old friend of the family and in the early 70’s would come to our house and entertain us with Johnny Booker and a fella named Jelly bean - LOL! Dan has many friends from B.C. to Toronto, Ontario. To mention a few; Wayne, Brian, Johnny, Fever, John, Terry, Gordy and too many more to mention they know who they are.

Dan was a Certified Electrician. He graduated in Victoria BC, apprenticed in Sooke B.C., then moved to Ontario for a few years.

Moving back to Sooke in the early 90s then back to Ontario, he worked for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 894 for 37 years working as an Electrician. Dan took pride in his work - it was done right or not at all. He could fix anything from cars to plumbing, you name it, he could. make it work.

In June of 2012, he moved to Manitoba to get a new start with his sister and brother-in-law of Ochre River. He enjoyed living on our Ranch and his title was the Ranch Hand slash Electrician. Dan was a big part to the start of our Clearwater Ranch Pony Adventures and Petting Farm. 100% of the proceeds go to the Manitoba Children’s Hospital. He traveled with us and helped make sure all was good at home when we were away froin the farm. A great brother and help to have around for as long as we did.

So glad we had this chance to reconnect. Love you, Bro.

Dan is survived by daughter Stephanie Ruttan and grandson Justin Ruttan, son Dennis and wife Marie Ruttan and grandsons Sam and Taylor Ruttan of Ontario, Mother Midge Jones-Ruttan, sister Lee-Ann Ruttan and spouse Kelvin Madison, all from Sooke B.C.; brother Scott Barrier of B.C., Randy, Vincent from Sooke B.C., sister Julie Ruttan-Simmons and Spouce Dale Simmons and daughter Alexis Ruttan-Simmons niece of Ochre River, MB, many nieces and nephews in both B.C. and Ontario, many Aunts and Uncles from the B.C. interior and Vancouver Island.

Dan was predeceased by his father Allan Thomas Ruttan, and nephew Clayton Ruttan.

Donations may be made to the Manitoba Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Thank you to Home Care for all their help, the Palliative CareProgram, CancerCare MB at the HSC. They all did a tremendous job.

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things

]cannot change

The courage to change

The things I can

And the wisdom

To know the difference.

Life is too short

to wake up with regrets

Love the people

who treat you right

And forget the ones who don’t.

Enjoy life now -

as it has an expiration date.

“Merry Christmas Dan” we will bring you home ASAP.

Love you, we miss you - Julie, Dale, Alexis and Family, The Clearwater Ranch.

My Love, My Brother

I Miss You

I am constantly baffled why this turned out like this

It is not the way things were to go.

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