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August 29, 2022
In loving memory ~
On the 29th of August, Oskar Neukirch Passed away. He was 92.
You may not know Oskar personally, but you likely encountered him in the community. He was often to be found in the parking lots of Sooke, handing out chocolate and other goods to strangers. You may have noticed him collecting cans from local garbage bins too. He was often mistaken for homeless, but quite the opposite Oskar donated all his bottle-earnings to the local Care home where his wife lived. Once a week Oskar made a "chicken run" into Langford to buy cooked chickens and deliver them to People in Sooke, he just loved giving. Born in 1930, in Germany, Oskar lived through the Great Depression, World War II, and the after math. He survived both Fascism and Communism. He made a life as an Immigrant to Canada. He was a serial Monogamist, Faithfully caring for 3 terminally ill wives. Oskar, who was a preteen during the war, befriended a British man who served in the RAF, and despite the former animosity between their countries, Oskar and Mike were the very best of friends. You likely saw them endlessly walking the streets of Sooke together, or haunting the local McDs.
There is so much more to Oskar's story, if you'd like to hear how he spent 6 days in a Russian prison, or how he used to smuggle across the Iron Curtain, then please feel free to join us for Oskar's Memorial service at 2pm October 1st. in person at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 2207 church Rd,
or on Zoom at: 683 736 0481 Pass: 208502 find out why "the day of death is better than the day of birth." Ecc7:1

Service Details

Celebration of Life
Saturday, October 1, 2022
2:00 PM
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 2207 church Rd