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EDITORIAL: Collaboration key to soothing Sooke’s commute woes

Community must rally for effective change

Transportation advocacy can be a thankless task, filled with frustration and the slow grind of bureaucratic processes. Yet, for communities like Sooke grappling with gridlock, it’s a necessity.

Recent discussions between Sooke council and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) highlight the need for a united approach to tackle the growing transportation woes in the region.

Sooke’s story is one echoed by many communities across Canada. Population growth has outpaced infrastructure development, leading to congested roads and lengthy commutes. Residents, like former councillor Ron Doumont, are rightly frustrated. The daily commute shouldn’t take 30 minutes for a mere four-mile journey.

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While MOTI acknowledges the problem and points to past investments like the Connie to Glinz Lake Road corridor, the lack of concrete plans for the future leaves Sooke council feeling unheard. Mayor Maja Tait’s preference for advocating for specific projects resonates.

However, Sooke’s fight won’t be won in isolation. The transportation ministry is just one piece of the puzzle. Collaboration with B.C. Transit, the Sooke School District, and other stakeholders is crucial.

The good news is that MOTI seems open to working with Sooke on their priorities. Their mention of a “comprehensive approach” that includes sustainable options like improved transit and safer cycling routes aligns with Sooke’s vision.

The path forward requires a shift from individual advocacy to a united front. By working together, Sooke and the ministry can develop a comprehensive plan that addresses not just highway expansion, but also alternative modes of transportation. This collaborative approach, coupled with well-defined solutions, is the key to unlocking Sooke’s transportation woes and ensuring a smoother ride for all.

Kevin Laird

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