Harmony between all people

Sooke, First Nation declares Interfaith Harmony Week

Harmony between all people

The United Nations General Assembly in 2010 unanimously passed a resolution recognizing World Interfaith Harmony Week annually during the first week of February.

The purpose of this week is to promote “harmony between all people regardless of their faith” and foster a culture of “mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation among people”.

In recognition of this week, T’Sou-ke Nation Chief Gordon Planes and Sooke Mayor Maja Tait signed a joint proclamation declaring Feb. 1-7, as Interfaith Harmony Week in the T’Sou-ke Nation and District of Sooke.

It’s hoped this symbolic initiative will further the collaboration of the T’Sou-ke Nation and the District of Sooke to build unity, peace and wellbeing throughout the Sooke Region.

Don Brown

Sooke Multi-Belief Initiative


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