It’s a crime

anadian to have a voice in choosing their government. In many countries, people are dying to earn this right. In Canada, we can support a candidate or party of our choosing. We can volunteer to work for that party in an election. We can erect signs, within municipal regulations, to show our support for a candidate and/or party. But we cannot destroy the rights of others.

Sign vandals: Do the candidates they support condone their activities? Does the leader of the party they support want them to shut down the voices of other parties? Are sign vandals people who only destroy -— not volunteer, support and take part in the democratic process? When I see a federal election sign toppled, defaced or whisked away, I wonder about the mentality of sign vandals.

Interefering with federal election signs is a criminal offence.

Signs remind us to vote, let us know who is running, help us choose.

Voicing our opinion is our right. Voting, our privilege.

J.A. Burgess