It’s more than ‘just’ politics

It’s more than ‘just’ politics

Re: Candidate seeks two positions in election (News, May 30)

Thank you for the informative front-page article on Herb Haldane.

I have a few comments with regards to some of the quotes from Mr. Haldane.

First, he states: “I think I represent regular people.” Gee, I’ve heard a similar quote before. I think it slithered up from somewhere south of the border leading up to a certain election in November 2016. Hmm …

Second, in referring to the present council, he states: “The tail wags the dog up there. It’s worse than its ever been.” I assume this is a somewhat veiled critique of our present mayor, but he doesn’t leave it there, but kicks into attack mode – not only with Mayor Maja Tait, but also with the Capital Regional District, calling them “a bunch of dinosaurs.” All about as blunt as a double-bladed axe.

Also, your article is not the first time I have seen Mr. Haldane referred to as a bully. Whether accurate or not, it’s important to note that, any way you look at it, bullying is despicable behaviour and there should be no place for it in our local political arena.

I know, I know… This is “just” politics, right? Well, no, it is actually much more than that!

Whether Mr. Haldane’s comments hold any truth, everyone involved in representing the people of Sooke need to leave their ego at the door and be cognizant that they are there for the people of the community and be consistently aware of their prime responsibility – to always do their utmost to fulfill the duties of their elected position, whilst always focusing on the best interests of the community.

Phil Rossner


(Editors Note: Both Herb Haldane and Phil Rossner are seeking a councillor’s seat in this fall’s civic election)