LETTER: A thanks to Sooke first responders

LETTER: A thanks to Sooke first responders

On June 28th., on a walk near the Sooke River, we were alerted by a young woman whose friend had fallen down an embankment along the river, injuring her knee badly, and was unable to walk without extreme pain. A 911 call was placed by my husband.

In a very short time, two Sooke firemen arrived at the scene and did an exemplary assessment as first responders.

An evacuation of the girl was then done by stretcher by a team of Sooke firemen, who had arrived shortly after the call for further help. The girl was carried up a steep hill by the team to the closest road access and placed in a waiting ambulance.

We would like to commend our local Sooke firemen for their fast response, their exemplary assessment of the trauma in a most non-judgemental caring and efficient manner.

Such kind professionalism was shown throughout the time they were with the injured woman.

Janet Renfroe