LETTER: A winter cheer for Shirley Delicious

LETTER: A winter cheer for Shirley Delicious

Every February I hanker for an abundance of snow and below freezing temperatures to rattle off the doldrums of winter. Instead of a polar dip, I hop a flight to Winnipeg to get a real blast of unspeakable cold.

My previous home province hosts remarkable winter events. There would be no hesitation to embark and participate in outdoor activities on the river ice.

However, on Feb. 8, Hordur, the Norse winter god, decided to embrace most of the Island, including my neck of the woods, Shirley, with a sequence of flurries and added chill by tossing surrounding trees against power lines.

Now this has both negative and positive effects to one’s soul.

After 48 hours of trying my camping skills, a closed off icy highway, and no contact, it becomes apparent more sustenance required and a need to learn about any forecasts to normalcy.

Despite fallen trees and road ice, several drivers made their way to Shirley Delicious. The restaurant staff offered an array of hot brews and a varied selection of baked treats.

These snow angels, undaunted by the obstacles, ensured the neon open sign was lit in the window throughout the storm.

The sincere warmth, friendliness and attention experienced by so many at Shirley Delicious and by those helping on the road has satisfied any desire to be anywhere else but here, at our wonderful oasis, Shirley Delicious.

Thanks all who extended themselves to help others, including B.C. Hydro and maintenance crews with their winter cheer here in Shirleyland .

Robin Fleming