LETTER: African Heritage Association grateful for Victoria city council’s proclamation

The members of the African Heritage Association of Vancouver Island, in coordination with the Coalition of the Afro-Canadian Community Organizations in Western Canada, express their gratitude to Victoria city council for the historical implementation of the proclamation of the International Decade for People of African Descent. They applaud and welcome the establishment of a new advisory committee to help the city with developmental and inclusive programs.

The community members are mindful of the negative impact caused by colonialism on the African identity, social fabric and governing systems that caused chronic maladministration on the African continent and in the community of the Africans in Diasporas. They are therefore grateful to the council for launching a working relationship with the Afro-Canadian community and for its responsible decision to recruit the members of the advisory committee from Black community. This is an encouraging sign to restore mutual relationships between government and community to better identify the challenges faced by members of Black and racialized communities.

The community members recommend that Victoria city council gives an opportunity to the Black community to nominate trusted candidates with genuine association with the community and true commitment to the welfare of the Black community. This will give council an avenue to access the grassroots for necessary information needed to execute its planned initiatives. We look forward to working with council.

William Goldiet, president

African Heritage Association of Vancouver Island