LETTER: Alternate facts and false news nothing new

People who research the issues know the NDP is not responsible for the global economy and has managed as well as or better than other provincial governments in response to the rise and fall of demand for our resources. A one percent discrepancy in a provincial budget prediction is not a grievous fault but “fudget budget” was too catchy to ignore.

Alternate facts and false news is nothing new. NDP Premier Glen Clark left office under a cloud of accusations of corruption. He was hired by that astute businessman, Jimmy Patterson, and has helped Patterson’s empire thrive. Not a bad financial manager. And the acquittal on all charges of corruption never made the front page. Not guilty, folks, and one million in legal fees paid by the province to prove it. Other NDP MLAs charged with voter fraud were also found not guilty.

This hasn’t stopped today’s B.C. Liberals from throwing accusations against the NDP. But fact finders have been quicker to discover that the NDP did not hack the government website where Liberal party policies were stored. There are no grounds to charge the NDP with improperly managing private information. And the investigation into possible irregularities in accepting donations to their parties covers both the B.C. Liberals and the NDP.

As for the NDP government in Alberta, if things hadn’t been really bad already, the people wouldn’t have overcome their Wild Rose and Progressive Conservative leanings. Please don’t blame the Alberta NDP for international markets.

Heather Phillips