LETTER: Archie Byatt will be greatly missed

Weekly letters to the editor from within the Sooke community.

I’m saddened to say on Feb 7 a great man departed from our lives and our community.

Archie Byatt was a longtime member of the Sooke community who volunteered and contributed in so many ways during his life.

He was a navy veteran that lived through so much and had many stories to tell about his time in the service.  He was always happy when asked to attend school on Nov. 11 to honour and show many young children the importance and meaning of Remembrance Day.

In his younger years, Archie was actively involved with young cadets at the CPO’s mess.

Being a retired school principal, he knew the importance of education and had high respect for his peers and was respected by colleagues and students alike.

His interest in heritage plants and horticulture led him to join the Sooke Garden Club to gain and share knowledge with numerous fellow gardeners, and he eventually held president and treasurer positions. He was a member of the chrysanthemum society and grew some of the most beautiful chrysanthemums.

Archie was instrumental in getting the Senior Bus Society started which raised funds to buy a new senior activity bus. Without this bus many seniors would have been isolated.

He loved fishing and was a firm supporter of Sooke Salmon Enhancement.

Archie believed in helping those in need and always willing to contribute to the food bank and Christmas bureau.

Even though he became less mobile the last couple years, the people of Sooke were never far from his thoughts.

He would always ask how everyone in the village stores was fairing and missed seeing everyone’s smiling faces on his weekly shopping trip. He was a special person and my best friend who I loved dearly. He will be greatly missed by many.

Alice Holm