LETTER: Blame humans, not feral cats

LETTER: Blame humans, not feral cats

Re: Protecting birds should be a priority (Letters, Feb. 6)

I am appalled at how they think that they can play God and suggest that feeding of feral cats be outlawed and trapped and sent to the SPCA where we know what their fate will be.

The reason that there’s feral cats is due to the human race that dumps cats or refuses to spay and neuter.

If a group or an individual desires to help out a fellow creature such as feeding a feral cat that should be commended not outlawed.

Most of the people that take care of colonies of cats such as Sooke’s own SAFARS organization work non stop to trap and spay and neuter and feed to control a feral cat population that is started by an owner of a cat that is not spayed or neutered.

What people should realize is that it isn’t the cats – it’s the humans.

Many cats are indoor/outdoor cats and live great lives. What makes a bird more important that another living mammal.

Do you know how many pets are killed by predator birds? Should we capture and kill the birds? That is how ridiculous this sounds.

Our town has an abundance of rats and mice that destroy property and carry disease. What will you do to control that after all the cats are sentenced to a life of indoors? Poison? Great, so some of the birds eat the poisoned rats, and so on and so on.

Seriously, I wonder if some people just have a hate for cats or if they just can’t think of any better to do.

I have a better suggestion: outlaw any ownership of pets unless they are spayed or neutered and bought from a rescue – then you will be making progress.

Donna Farrell