LETTER: Climate action tax targets global warming


The sum of $14.97 is Sooke’s yearly climate action tax asking property owners, who own an average-priced house, to pay in 2022.

The funding is to further Sooke’s plan to reduce greenhouse emissions. Sooke’s plan and tax money will be used primarily to encourage citizens to adopt a more electric-based life rather than be dependent on fossil fuels. Yes, folks, it is up to each one of us.

We should also look to our Indigenous Sooke community as an example of leadership.

T’Sou-ke Nation has a solar farm generating community power and income. It has retrofitted all homes with energy-efficient heat pumps. Most importantly, it directed a conservation campaign in energy and respect for nature’s laws.

Council depends on Sooke citizens to meet the emission reduction challenge. It will be a test of our willingness to make lifestyle and financial commitments – tough ones for each of us.

The next Capital Regional District report on the region’s emission reductions progress will be out early next year, along with other statistics on this climate crisis. Let’s hope the numbers are encouraging.

We know greenhouse gases are the cause of the problem. The real enemy will be the greater heat and drought, fires and floods that we will experience.

William Wallace


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