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LETTER: Climate crisis extends across political lines

Our Senate is going to debate the passing of Bill C-12 which addresses Canada’s continuing role in environmental accountability and setting our standards to address the climate crises.

If you don’t think there is a crisis yet then it’s time to pull your head out of the sand. This planet is melting and burning and the storms are getting stronger, this is a fact.

To continue with our national and global mindset of money comes first and all else is second, is killing us and all living things on this beacon of life. Those in charge of setting those standards and those capable of bringing change and melding our systems of economy with the reality of the destruction and harm we do to our living world must step up now and not cower in the corner or worse yet, think all is well. It’s not. Extinction rates are the highest ever in our known history, heatwaves and melting ice caps are the foreshadowing of much worse to come.

Get your head out of the sand political leaders and come together for this one fight, for it is a fight for all of us.

Tom Eberhardt


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