LETTER: Close B.C.’s borders to provincial traffic

So now the snowbirds from the eastern provinces, in particular Quebec and Ontario, are migrating west to B.C. seeing as they can’t go south this winter.

What is the difference between allowing them to come here and possibly spread the virus from their highly infected provinces and allowing the Americans to come here and possibly do the same thing? There is no difference.

Here in B.C. we have followed the policy guidelines very conscientiously to keep the spread down and it’s worked, whereas in Quebec and Ontario they have not taken COVID-19 seriously enough, especially the 20-40 age group, and they are in big trouble.

They should not be allowed to simply load up their motorhomes and head here to vacation, and the government should be on top of this right now, before it’s too late. Do we really believe they would even quarantine for two weeks when they got here? I doubt that.

The Alberta/B.C. border should be the same as the Canada/U.S. border at this critical time – essential economic travel only, and this should be enforced before it’s too late. We don’t want to see everything we’ve done to slow this virus destroyed.

Larry Zilinsky