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LETTER: Community must set standard for greener development

I was writing a letter in response to Mr. Elliott’s letter supporting greater density in Saanich, adding the crying need for green space. I turned a few pages and read the article about Coun. Zac de Vries and the 3-30-300 rule concerning the accessibility to green space in Saanich.

These guiding principles are far more generous than my request for bare minimum requirements in my letter and I applaud them wholeheartedly. There was no mention as to Coun. Chambers objections, perhaps she feels the development industry should be allowed to control this.

The point is: developers have not been held to account for the livability of their developments, only the return on their investments to their owners/shareholders. If we, as property owners and taxpayers, even renters and other stakeholders, want a continuing benefit to our environment in the broadest sense, we have to set the standard, not the developers. The bar needs to be set high, such as these “guiding principles” in the article, so as to avoid urban deserts, however densely developed, that offer nothing to the residents in terms of neighbourhood amenities and pride.

Thank you, Coun. de Vries and Saanich council for this move. Now, you must actually maintain the standard.

Elaine Anderson


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