LETTER: Development and the climate crisis


Like it or not, change and development will come to Sooke, and like it or not, taxes will increase. If we are to get anywhere close to a zero-carbon footprint by 2030, we must realize these facts.

In perspective, even with an increased gasoline carbon tax, by 2030, we will still pay less for a litre of gas than the UK is paying now.

However, this is where it starts getting exciting, and council can steer the development of Sooke, using the tools it has to create incentives for business and service sectors that are in line with the goals of the official community plan.

It will mean turning down some of the “easy development money” at times, and it may mean increased taxes to pay for the benefits that natural spaces provide. Saving trees, water, wildlife, and farmland must be done, and changing our attitude toward the land is fundamental if we have any hope of saving our species.

The result will be a Sooke that has retained its values and character – one in which local business, service sectors, and food production will even out the economic jolts that will continue to visit our world in this ongoing climate crisis.

Chris Moss



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