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LETTER: Expect no highway favours from Liberals

Weekly letters to the editor from within the Sooke community.

Good job, Mayor Maja Tait in lobbying the provincial government for Highway 14 improvements. The road is inadequate and dangerous.

However, history has shown that Christy Clark’s government is not so proactive with opposition ridings. This government has a long history of favouring friendly ridings and punishing those that vote NDP. It doesn’t matter if improving Hwy 14 is good for the economy or not.

What’s best for the Liberals trumps all else is a “win at all costs” approach to managing government. This attitude permeates every decision the Liberals make. Much of our limited school funding finds its way preferentially to private schools and the few Liberal ridings on the Island.

Money buys favor with this government and the pork barrel rolls unchecked through Liberal ridings whether it helps the economy or not. Wages, benefits, help for the old, poor and ill all make good economic sense but the old lies get trotted out again; we can’t afford it. Helping the disadvantaged is an afterthought or byproduct of this old boy’s network that seeks only to keep itself in power.

So accept no Hwy. 14 improvements until you suck it up and vote Christy or do the work democracy requires and become an informed voter.

Ted Roberts



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