LETTER: Good ideas never get old

LETTER: Good ideas never get old

Saanich Coun. Ned Taylor says he wants fresh ideas, which he thinks come from young people.

But what we need are sound ideas supporting human life, whether new or old, whether from old or young individuals.

We don’t need emotions as a means of knowledge and ethics, as heard from members of Saanich council crying over the loss of a few of the renewable resource called ‘trees’, the student who stole clothing she had no use for during a riot over a sports game in Vancouver, and even earlier by murderous Nationalsozialistiche in Germany which praised emotionalism.

We do need protection against initiation of force by such confused minds, yet Saanich council denies the need – one got emotional against proper funding for policing.

We could use honest competent politicians and employees, not lying crony-supporting xenophobes like we see in the governments of B.C. and Canada, nor spendthrift incompetents like the CRD who should learn ideas that are now old, like thinking things through and adopting a Scandinavian practice for garbage handling (as Vancouver has).

By the way, I reserve the term ‘leader’ for people with sound ideas for human life.

Keith Sketchley