LETTER: Greater Victoria Boys and Girls Club’s actions a poor example for youth

The Boys and Girls Club exists to provide services to children and youth. In so doing, their leadership team members have an important opportunity to act as positive role models for young people.

Regrettably, this opportunity is being entirely missed, in relation to the club’s decision to subdivide and develop, for profit, a legacy asset that was intended to support regional outdoor-based learning and youth development programs for the long-term.

A March 15 public hearing held by the District of Metchosin has helped to bring some transparency to the underlying intentions of the club for the Metchosin Wilderness Camp. Hearing participants now know that these intentions involve replacing a 40-acre natural area with a seven-lot subdivision plan.

Ask a group of fifth graders what they’d think about a charitable organization soliciting money from donors to pay for land and infrastructure to equip a regional wilderness camp – but then, a decade or so after donors’ funds have paid off the mortgage, reversing course and selling the property for capital gain. Kids would tell you that this is just plain wrong.

What a pity that club leaders are setting such an example, for the youth they ostensibly serve.

Carol Voyt