LETTER: I sneer at futurists

“I think Jim Bottomley is simply a good consultant,” reader writes


Re: Sooke man reveals how he makes a living predicting the future

I sneer at futurists, considering them just pontificators.

I’ll give Jim Bottomley credit for actually doing research and paying attention to psychology, such as truck buyers wanting to bully others.

He does have to change his predictions with knowledge and time; for example, today, dogs are the fad, not cats, who could have predicted that even considering the need for protection in a society that elects politicians who are hostile to police.

I wonder what Bottomley predicted about computers back in the 1980s. That would be past the time of the prediction of one seller of computers that only a few would ever be needed. Would he have predicted that in a quiet, distant corner of mighty computer maker IBM, a generic, more widely used personal computer would be developed and put into production?

Back in his young days or earlier, would “futurists” have predicted typewriters’ evolution into computers via programmable versions of the renowned Selectric with its replaceable type ball?

I think Jim Bottomley is simply a good consultant who is better at marketing than many, though some potential customers will ignore him because of his cutesy title. Indeed, his website calls him a “speaker and consultant.”

Keith Sketchley



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