LETTER: Last of sacred forest is calling


Down the road from Sooke, there is a group of courageous people defending some of the last stands of lowland ancient forests on Vancouver Island. They are protecting the miserly two per cent left that our generations have left for them. They have held strong through all seasons and in all conditions. They are pleading with the world to allow these magnificent natural cathedrals of wonder to survive so their generation does not burn up, so they can have a few more species of animals survive so that they can have a running chance of a future.

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And for their courage and wisdom? Convoys of police arrive as if we have an army of drug lords, a group of terrorists, and hauled off as criminals.

There is a terrible crime here. It is not the actions of these people. It is all of us who sit mute and watch as our children’s future is stolen. Where have our hearts and souls gone? All that stands between what is right and what is happening here is that we do nothing. Rise! The last of the sacred forest is calling. This is the greatest war there will ever be. Your grandchildren are calling to you fellow citizens. Rise.

Nina Cole



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