LETTER: Liberals own current B.C. scandal

LETTER: Liberals own current B.C. scandal

With dismay I’ve watched Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson try to spread the blame around for the latest legislature scandal claiming the rules are the problem.

The Liberals own this problem because they were in power for the last 16 years and ignored warnings of inappropriate expense claims. Now we hear dozens were fired for bringing this to the government’s attention.

Are we in for a repeat of the health-care firings? Will taxpayers again be on the hook for multiple lawsuits because of the systemic corruption in the Liberal party? Are we in for more delete and deny politics as we search for who actually did the firing?

If these accusations are verified, heads should roll. Outside auditing is crucial so the Liberals can’t claim accusations are politically motivated.

Wilkinson implies the problem stems from flawed rules. The B.C. Liberals need to do some soul searching and accept the status quo during their reign was rife with self serving entitlement.

Ted Roberts