LETTER: Listen to informed people rather than fashionable alarmists


Yes, indeed, David Mallett (Letters, Oct. 14), let’s listen to climate science. Let’s listen to real science rather than continually throwing “manmade climate change” on the debate table as an accepted fact.

And those Big Oil executives may be closer to saving everyone for decades yet to come until real energy alternatives are developed. Solar and wind, as now practiced, are just not working alternatives for landmasses as huge as North America. To say nothing of the birds and bats they kill each day.

Fortunately for us, three excellent books have been written in the past two years, debunking the manmade aspect. Aside from Michael Shellenberger’s “Apocalypse Never” and Steven E. Koonin’s “Unsettled,” well-known second-generation meteorologist Joe Bastadi has recently released his “The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War.” Page after page of maps and statistics.

So, listen to the people, but let’s listen to informed people rather than fashionable alarmists.

Andy Neimers



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