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LETTER: Medical clinic offered positive patient journey


I am writing to share my positive experience with the West Coast Family Medical Clinic (WCFMC), in contrast to Brad Johnson’s recent account.

Eight years ago, my wife and I moved to Sooke and found ourselves in need of a family doctor. Upon my initial visit to WCFMC, I was informed that they were not accepting new patients but could add me to a waiting list.

I was advised that for urgent care needs, I could contact the clinic in the morning to secure an appointment in the afternoon. We have availed of this service multiple times, consistently to our satisfaction.

Four years ago, the clinic reached out to us, indicating that they were now accepting new patients. Unfortunately, at that time, we had a family doctor in Victoria and did not meet the criteria, as WCFMC only accepted patients without an existing family doctor.

Last February, we received notice that our family doctor would be leaving. I revisited WCFMC and was instructed to apply online. Anticipating openings for new patients by the end of October, my wife and I were accepted by Nov. 15.

Throughout the process, I was consistently treated with professionalism and courtesy by the front office staff. Having spent time waiting in the clinic, I observed the same high level of service extended to all clients.

My experience with WCFMC has been positive, and I believe it is essential to acknowledge the efforts of the clinic and its staff in providing quality health-care services to the community.

Earl Kreutzer