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LETTER: Proposed solar farm threatens vital forests

An application has been submitted to construct a 235-hectare solar farm near Jordan River on southern Vancouver Island. The solar farm is expected to generate enough energy to power more than 20,000 homes by 2027. (Gustavo Fring/Pexels)

We wish to register our concerns regarding the Jordan River Solar Farm Project, which involves cutting 235 hectares of trees.

Rather than allow the further desecration of our over-logged forests, especially on Vancouver Island, to concentrate solar power in one area, it would be preferable to help residents install solar panels on their properties to take the burden off the grid and simultaneously lower individual hydro bills.

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The removal of more trees exacerbates the climate change problem.

Trees are vital for absorbing carbon emissions, stabilizing landscapes, preventing landslides, and conserving water to mitigate drought. Their loss would significantly harm the environment.

We need to rethink our land use strategy. Our reckless deforestation has stripped the planet of its natural defences. Moreover, while Canadian trees are exported en masse, locals face housing affordability issues. Any new solar farms should utilize the already clear-cut lands plentiful on Vancouver Island.

Benoit Chabot Family