LETTER: Residents in dark about park plans


We have attended Sooke Country Market the past few weekends to ask residents their views on the district’s plan to allow the Sooke Lions Club to construct and privately operate a community centre in John Phillips Memorial Park.

The following are the primary concerns and questions that were expressed by residents:

• They know nothing about the project.

• The Sooke Lions Club is a fine organization, but Sooke is growing so fast that saving this open green space for future generations is necessary. A location closer to the new library or elsewhere was preferable.

• They could not find information or signage on the location of the clubhouse and parking lot in the park. They asked what are the building construction or financial details? They also asked why a private, not public facility, and what it will cost taxpayers?

• Sooke residents did not know about the alternative approval process voting or felt it was hastily put together without notification.

There is a rally in the park this Saturday (Sept. 4) from noon to 1 p.m. for anyone concerned about the future of John Phillips Memorial Park.

William Wallace

Sooke On Fire Taxpayer Group


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