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LETTER: Residents should get kudos – not council

Re: Council applauded on change to APP ( Letters , Nov. 25)

Re: Council applauded on change to APP (Letters, Nov. 25)

Applause should not be for council but for the hundreds of residents telling councillors and municipal staff about the electronic voting that voters can use in a referendum on John Phillips Memorial Park instead of the negative alternative approval process (AAP) chosen by council.

Many pointed out the unfairness of voting, which shifts the burden of proof to the other side.

Some banks and businesses tried to use this negative process when introducing default conditions unfavourable for customers, who had a choice to opt out. However, after an outcry of outraged customers, the businesses were forced to remove those conditions.

The reason given by council for choosing the AAP was that a referendum would cost $15,000, which wouldn’t be the case if electronic voting were decided.

The question now is why the permission was sought to approve electronic voting only for an AAP but not for a referendum or the coming municipal election.

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Nina Leshinskaya


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