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Letter: Solutions wanted not vague platitudes

Re: Proper consultation lacking in OCP process ( Letters , Sept. 8)

Re: Proper consultation lacking in OCP process (Letters, Sept. 8)

It’s good to see that many other Sooke residents are bothered by the nudge-nudge; wink-wink OCP planning that has been allowed to fester at Sooke Municipal Hall in recent years. That a Coney Island-like complex in John Phillips Memorial Park has even been entertained as a possibility is beyond belief.

Which part of “it’s a park in the heart of town” does the present council not understand?

With the upcoming civic elections looming in October, I await some clear statements from the candidates for council on this issue, not a word salad of vague platitudes!

I, and I’m sure thousands of others residents, want to hear that our green spaces, waterfront, and small town views will be preserved.

Let’s leave the “shed roof rabbit warren” building to Langford, shall we?

And as I wrote several months ago, I await to see what impact the two rabbit warrens now being built along Drennan Street will have on the daily congestion along Highway 14.

My late father’s favourite saying was “intelligent people learn from their mistakes.” Speaks volumes, doesn’t it, about some people warming the chairs at municipal hall right now?

Andy Neimers


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